Secure. Robust. Rapid Deployment.


VOLUMES web-based solution encompasses all the security assurance considerations required to give government clients confidence in the integrity of their data. Full encryption of the network channels, devices and platform is incorporated. VOLUME has passed the rigorous requirements to be installed behind the firewalls of major NATO partners.

VOLUME is proven and is highly reliable operating at close to 100% uptime (apart from periodic system upgrades). Remote health monitoring tools allow clients to monitor their platforms so that any problems are pro-actively detected and remedied immediately.

VOLUME can also handle large data volumes and many assets. Via VPNs, system users in different locations immediately see changes made by other operators on the platform through the use of the latest dynamic technologies.

VOLUME SYSTEM specializes in the rapid deployment of in-premise solutions. VOLUME has been designed to be remotely installed to client platforms within a one-hour timeframe. The process is highly automated and requires no manual on-site work. It is possible, therefore, for clients to be fully operational with VOLUME running within their own firewalls within 24 hours.

Recognizing that VOLUME might form part of a wider strategic platform for a nation state, VOLUME SYSTEM is able to provide the fully documented TITAN platform and source code so that the client can have full control of the future evolution of the capability.

Following installation of the latest version of VOLUME , the client can develop the platform according to their own Beyond-Line-of-Sight strategy. This might involve integration to higher level C4i or BMS platforms as well as integration of other devices and satellite, GPRS or radio networks.