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Volume  Squawker Mk IV 12v

Squawker 1The Squawker Mk IV is the economy version of the Volume  Mk IV Wailer for smaller producers or areas. Utilizing the very latest sound technology, Squawker is able to reproduce actual alarm and distress cries of many species of pest birds coupled with the sounds of predators and hunting sequences, giving the Squawker an effectiveness which no other system can match.

Species specific targeting

Completely Realistic sounds

Sounds are emitted at 44 kHz at any volume.

Pre-Programmed sounds sequences

Flexible programming

Can deter over 100 pest species

High Tech System

Adjustable volume & time lapse

Automatic day-night operation

Operates from standard 12V battery

12 month guarantee (parts & labor)

Remote re-programming by Dropbox

In severe cases bird damage can account for the destruction of up to 40% of crops. Birds roosting on buildings can cause a mess and carry disease. Once the Squawker has been set up, it can be left in place to deter the pest birds, giving your sites effective protection, day in and day out.

Each Squawker comes with four pre-programmed sound sequences to suit your own geographic species specific requirements. See the list of natural sounds in this website. The Squawker can be used to deter most common species of pest birds including; woodpigeons, geese, seagulls, crows and starlings.

Squawker 2 Small3
Squawker Mk IV
Squawker Mk IV setup in a blueberry field